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I’ve started a collection of Mid Century dishes, here is my dream list:


B Midler

I may have a soft spot in my heart for Bette Midler. In 7th grade we had to pick a fascinating person to write and do a speech about, I chose her. She always seemed to be someone who beats to her own drum. And, truly is a fascinating person. However, the story of my life is a choose not the obvious choice (note: my hero choice in Catholic class was Harriet Tubman, not Jesus.) In 7th grade, fascinating people tended to be Anne Frank, Jackie Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Why I went Midler and Tubman, is beyond me. But, I did and she has had an interesting life. And, seeing her last night at the Oscars was awesome. She looked so classy, elegant and beautiful. She is almost 70 and looks so good. I thought she was one of the best dressed both on the red carpet and her performance dress.

Photo credit: CNN

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Fox news confirmed Boehner told reed to go “‘f himself’ twice”, “to perform upon himself a quaint anatomical possibility”

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